University of Melbourne / Baillieu Library Redevelopment (Stage 1)

University of Melbourne / Baillieu Library Redevelopment (Stage 1)

University of Melbourne / Baillieu Library Redevelopment (Stage 1)

Budget: $9.2M

We have been engaged to refurbish the ground floor south and north, level 2 and level 4 north into varied student study environments. This project will deliver a minimum of 350 new student study seats across these areas. The brief is to provide students a variety of individual study environments ranging from: tables, laptop tables, banquets, high benches, booths, quiet rooms and tub chairs. We worked closely with the different user groups; students and university staff. Workshops and user groups were held during the feasibility and schematic design stages. These were important as we were able to ask questions that were able tease out information for us to understand the requirements and day-to-day function of the library. We produced material boards, 3D images and coloured plans to communicate the design to the client. We continued to communicate and working closely with the client throughout the project which helped identify and resolve weak spots early on in the project.

The first stage of Baillieu Library was opened in 1959 with the building holding a significant historical importance.

This library is the busiest library in Australia.

The design brief is challenging. Our design strategies acknowledge the library as a type, the historical importance of the building, provide contemporary study environments and create an identity where the University and their students continue their patronage with pride.

The project will be delivered in two stages with the first stage completed in November 2016 and the second stage to be completed in October 2017.

Stage 1: Completed in Nov 2016

Photographs by Kate Bowman.

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