NTC Architects has a strong approach to Sustainability, as such we have an integrated system to our Client Workshop and User Group process.

Our environmental management looks at a complete life cycle approach, beginning with the sustainability of the design approach. Through considerations of the materials and construction methods to the ongoing impacts during the occupation of the building on a day to day basis, and finally to potential environmental impacts that could possibly occur during the construction process and the eventual demolition of a building. We are dedicated to providing a healthy space for the user as well as minimising the amount of material that ends up in landfill.

One of our key approaches to sustainability is to provide flexibility in the design so that the spaces can continue to evolve throughout the building’s lifespan. Our continuing design aspiration is to carefully incorporate our clients’ ambitions with passive design principles and innovated materials and technologies, creating healthy environments in which to live and work that positively contribute towards the local community and environment.

An intense focus on up front research and design innovation will inform the design process and sustainable environmental management of any work we undertake. Key areas of investigation to minimise environmental impacts will centre on the following areas: rehabilitation of any existing buildings, site and landscaping, their location and orientation, energy generation, lighting temperature and ventilation, water conservation, and finally the use of recycled and non-toxic materials.

Our aim is to work with the environmental ambitions of our clients to create a positive change in the built environment.