NTC Architects is an experienced and passionate practise dedicated to the design, documentation and contract administration of high-quality Childcare designs. We focus on the needs of the clients, the facility staff and most importantly, the welfare of the children. Our designs aim to provide positive & interactive learning environments that encourages personal growth for both Childcare staff and child.

As a member of the Australian Childcare Alliance Victoria (ACAV), NTC Architects are aligned with a team of childcare-related specialists that support the design process and allow for the best outcome for both client and user.

NTC Architects provides individualised, innovative, evidence-based architectural solutions specific to the aspirations of our Childcare clients and their project briefs. We are professional and dedicated to our clients as you are to yours. We are commited to providing comprehensive & integrated services in Childcare design and have an in-depth knowledge of the National Quality Framework.



NTC Architects believes that a successful childcare facility is where all levels of stakeholders are considered during the design process; the client, service provider, facility staff, and children.


Our clients are vital to our design process. With continuous collaboration and communication we are able to define the brief, gather accurate information and assist our clients in understanding design solutions, problems and opportunities. Through the client, we understand budget restraints, brief requirements and the vision, including the facility’s educational practice, staffing arrangements, physical environment, and other specialist requirements.


NTC Architects provide a comprehensive service. We understand the necessity to acquire a service approval prior to operating as an Early Childhood Learning Facility. NTC Architects assists in providing architectural drawings and area schedules required for a Planning Permit and application for Service Approval for Centre-Based Care, allowing for a smooth transition from construction to facility occupancy.


The success of a childcare facility is highly dependant on the quality of staff. In the design process we consider and communicate with the facility staff to understand their needs. We strive to improve their workplace by creating quality spaces that enrich their experience as staff members.


NTC Architects believe in the impact of quality learning spaces in the positive physiological growth of children. Childcare facilities are first and foremost designed for the wellbeing of the child, their safety
and their physical requirements. We abide by the National Quality Standard (NQS) regulations and BCA to ensure that all aspect of designs are compliant and have suitable indoor and outdoor spaces for children.


NTC architects is a professional member of the Australian Childcare Vlliance Victoria (ACAV), the childcare industries peak body. As part of the team engaged to provide consultation and architectural services for safe and engaging early childhood learning centres.